Dome [dohm]: 1. Anything shaped like a hemisphere or inverted bowl. 2. Slang, a person's head: "All these ideas you're seein and readin are fresh from the dome, my dome."

Dome Apparel was created by new media visual artist & designer BriansDome. BriansDome as a shirt brand name seemed a bit narcissistic and maybe unembraceable potentially lacking the ability to connect with anyone not Brian. So the name was chopped simply to Dome but technically not shortened adding Apparel. Dome translates to the human head's creative source and also pinpoints the brands geographical headquarters: the Capitol of CA.

The Brain is found in a beings "Dome". It is our own personal hard drive, some of us are even equipped with more gigs than others. Graphically it represents thought, creativity, purpose, emotion, logic and imagination.

The Droplets have worked their way into many of the designs as supporting elements representing the "creative juice". They have also been integrated with different designs being used as blood, sweat, motion, emotion, direction and even tattooed tears.

CM&G Creative Minds & Grinds means what it says. It's a shout out to the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals who find their comfort in "out of the box" thinking in an effort to construct their very own come ups. Creative minds are constantly on the grind. The artist, producer and musician, creator of the next big social network, film maker, designer, hustler, inventor and philosopher all use their noodles to conceive a vision that will eventually be shared with the masses in hopes of triggering new thoughts, innovation and peace of mind.


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